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Top 10 Questions Answered about RF Microneedling

Cynosure Potenza is an advanced technology that offers a tailored approach to skin treatments. It combines RF energy and microneedling to target issues with collagen production, texture, and tone. This device has the ability to customize the intensity of the RF energy and the depth of the microneedles to accommodate the needs of each patient.

Cynosure Potenza provides a wide range of treatments for the skin, from reducing wrinkles and acne scars to tightening it and diminishing the visibility of pores. The process involves applying a numbing cream to the treatment area, then using the Potenza device to create tiny openings in the skin and administer RF energy. The procedure is usually comfortably tolerated and does not require a long recovery period.

In conclusion, Cynosure Potenza is an impressive and flexible skin-rejuvenation device that offers secure and satisfactory outcomes for a broad selection of patients.

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What is radiofrequency microneedling?

RF microneedling is a cosmetic procedure utilizing tiny needles and radiofrequency energy to enhance the look and feel of the skin.

How does RF microneedling work?

RF microneedling is a procedure that involves tiny needles that penetrate the skin, allowing radiofrequency energy to reach deeper layers. This energy heats the skin, thus resulting in an increase in collagen production and an improvement of the skin’s overall texture.

What are the benefits of microneedle RF?

RF microneedling is an effective way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, acne scars, dark spots, and uneven skin texture. It also helps to improve skin firmness and tightness.

Is radiofrequency microneedling painful?

RF microneedling may not be the most pleasant experience, but most people report that the sensation resembles a light snap, like a rubber band lightly tapping the skin. Despite the minor discomfort, many find it to be bearable.

Is RF microneedling safe?

Under the guidance of a seasoned practitioner, RF microneedling is typically secure; however, there is a chance of minor issues, like reddening, puffiness, and bruising.

How many sessions are required for microneedle RF?

The amount of treatments necessary to achieve desired outcomes is contingent upon many variables like the degree of the skin issue, the area being treated, and the patient’s objectives. Generally, getting the most desirable results takes 3-6 appointments.

How should I prepare for radiofrequency microneedling?

It is essential to avoid sun and self-tanning items and abstain from utilizing retinoids and other skin-irritable products a couple of days beforere RF microneedling.

How long does a RF microneedling session take?

The duration of RF microneedling will fluctuate based on the area being treated. A shorter session of up to 30 minutes is required for smaller regions, such as the face or neck, while larger surfaces, like the stomach or thighs, can take up to an hour.
Can microneedle RF be done on all skin types?

How much does radiofrequency microneedling cost?

Costs of RF microneedling treatments are determined by several elements, like the size and location of the area, the number of times it needs to be done, and the practitioner’s competence and expertise. Generally, you can anticipate spending around $400 – $1000 for one session.

How much is Potenza RF Skin Tightening? 

 Regular $850 per single treatment (full face and neck). $2400 for a package of 3.  
  • Current Special $497 +hst. Single Session only. SAVE $353
  • $1397 + hst. For a package of 3 ($465 per session). SAVE OVER $1000

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